Imagine waking up to the sound of the ocean and the sunrise glistening on the waters. Imagine listening to the healing sound of Island nature and the singing birds. Picture yourself going for a morning stroll on the beach, whilst the wind brushes against your face... This was my normality living on the beautiful island of B-a-r-b-a-d-o-s. "Bajan to de bone!" 🇧🇧 

Growing up in such an ambiance has been the utmost driving factor of my creativity for CHANAÉ. This little island surrounded by never-ending blue seas left me craving more. What else was out there for me? What more could I achieve, if I spread my wings?  I later left the nest to pursue my studies in Nova Scotia, Canada. This is where my knowledge for entrepreneurship grew and creativity flourished. I was surrounded with cultures around the world: Canadian, American, Egyptian, Indian, African, Caribbean and the list goes on.

Years later, I returned to Barbados with a craving to create. During the pandemic, while idle and fiddling my thumbs: CHANAÉ was born. Named after my younger sister and with a vision - to not only provide, but also to inspire. 

Clothing, jewellery, hats, tech accessories, mugs for charity, digital products and more! The dream: to grow and expand on an "e-global" scale, while finding ways to provide inspirational messages along the way. Currently, we ship worldwide. Our next milestone: reducing shipping lead-time around the globe. I am proud to announce that our lead-time for phone cases to the UK is now 2-4 business days. Our biggest improvement to date.


Welcome to my journey and I hope you are here to stay. This is just the beginning.


A letter from yours truly,

S.Bancroft, Founder & Creative Director

Ps. The world is your oyster. xoxo